Case Studies

Below are some real-world examples of work we’ve done for various companies throughout the area.

Joseph M. Banker, CPA

Joseph M. Banker, CPA needed a custom firewall solution for his entire office. Geron Craig Consulting was able to get all his equipment and software updated quickly so they could get back to work as soon as possible.

“Geron is right on top of any problems or concerns and keeps my system running smoothly. ”

– Joseph M. Banker, CPA

Joseph M. Banker, CPA has enjoyed higher productivity since the upgrade and experienced fewer problems with their firewall.

FortySeven Media

FortySeven Media is a mobile company, with it's founders working in both home offices and on the road. It was important to them to have a central location for their project files that could be accessed from anywhere.

“Geron got us set up ridiculously fast, and he was 8 hours away. I have no idea how he got it going without even being there, but it's worked flawlessly ever since.”

– Jonathan Longnecker, FortySeven Media

Geron Craig Conulting set them up with a Mac Mini running OS X Server and VPN that could be dialed into from anywhere. A Raided set of Hard Drives provided backups of everything, and an Intel iMac with Parallells at the home office provides testing for sites in Internet Explorer.

FortySeven Media has been able to keep archived projects on these servers and access them only when needed. This makes it easier for them to focus on their current projects and saves space on their limited mobile hard drives.

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